ruffle foot · sewing

ruffle foot, whoop whoop!

I bought a generic brand ruffle foot on ebay for like $20 and it came in yesterday. It only took me about an hour to figure out how to attach the stoopid thing. It was very ‘made in China’ and I think the instructions might have been translated to English by Google Translator. I wound up resorting to google and headscratching. But I got it! Then I whipped up a little outfit for one of Nicole’s babies. (using this and a modification to doll-sized of this tutorial for the peasant top) The skirt is basically the same as the bottom half of the top.IMG_1742 I also whipped up an adorable tiered skirt for Nicole but uhhh, I was experimenting and tried the tightest ruffle setting on the bottom tier and ran out of fabric, so I had to cut off the bottom tier and try again, and then the skirt wound up WAY TOO SHORT. Like, way WAY too short. Even with leggings it’s pushing it, it barely covers her bum. I might whip up some black leggings to go with it and go with it anyways, it’s super twirly, but no pics until said leggings come about. Anyways, the moral of the story is, you probably need a ruffle foot. I LOVE IT. It takes like five minutes to do half an hour’s worth of work. LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I kindof hope I have a baby girl now so I can make a super ruffly cribskirt and stuff. RUFFLE RUFFLE RUFFLE. IMG_1745 The smaller person in the house has been doing a lot of the above. Sitting in her tent. Kids just LOVE stuff like this. Drape a blanket over a surface, add a couple clothespins, and you have bliss.

The highlight of my day today was definitely a quick 15 minute lunch in the car with my hubby. My mom took Nicole for a few hours while I ran errands, mostly for Nicole’s birthday, and I popped by the jobsite and we gobbled down subway sandwiches. I’ve never had a chance pop by his work for lunch with him before. 🙂 Made my day. (Probably made his crew’s day a little nicer, too, considering the bagful of cold Cola’s I arrived with on this hot day.)

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