3 yr old birthday party · birthday girl · eye twitch · tea party


Ay-yi-yi. You could not possibly fathom how excited I am to have Nicole’s bedroom finished soon. It seems that without a space of her own she is having a hard time coping with life in general, and is driving me absolutely up the wall. Normally when she gets upset she runs to her room to decompress, right now she has her bed in our room and since she knows that is not ‘her space’ she’s been hiding under the coffee or kitchen tables when she’s steamed. Hopefully when she moves back into her room her little ‘wicked streak’ will end.IMG_1711-copy We’re dog sitting little Lily here for a week and Nicole is over the moon about it. She feeds Lily and takes her for walks – inside and in the backyard and occasionally around the block. Poor Lily is a bit overwhelmed from time to time, she is not used to such completely constant attention. Nicole has it in her head that she will prove herself and end this story with a puppy of her own. Chris is of the impression that he would like to get hisself a Basset Hound to be his hunting buddy. I did a bit of research and apparently they are good companions for children. It does not take any research, however, to realize who is going to wind up cleaning up poops and pees off the floor during the training period. There will be no puppies in this house while I am pregnant. We shall negotiate the possibility next spring. Maybe. IMG_1730-copy Meanwhile, I have a pair of third birthday parties to plan. Apparently we shall be having a Fancy Nancy-type tea party on the Sunday, with Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Tiffany and Uncles AJ & Jamie in attendance. (Jamie will be 15 and hasn’t quite realized he could skip tea parties yet, and we shall see what Uncle AJ, a little further into his teens, has to say about this. Perhaps he shall not know of the tea party part until he’s here wearing a feather boa with a 3 year old niece instructing him not to remove it. Perhaps, indeed.) For that the plan is to make a small tiered cake with fondant, and I’m looking forwards to it, it will be a fun experience.

For the ‘friends’ birthday party, I’m moving it back from when I was originally going to do it, because I was originally thinking a very low-key gathering on Sunday, but did not take into consideration one nearly-3-year-old. FANCY AND A CAKE AND A TEA PARTY. So the ‘puppies and kitties’ party will be later next week, perhaps Wednesday, and I’m keeping that a little more simple. Headbands and face painting will have the guests providing their own puppy and kitty type entertainment, and fish and bone shaped snacks will fill the rest. Simple and fun! And cupcakes because hi, cupcakes. You can’t not have cupcakes. Seriously.

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