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Pierced Ears !!

Awww, my big little girl got her ears pierced today. She’s been excited for a month or so that she got to get big girl earrings for her 3rd birthday, and we decided to do it a bit early because ‘Sucky’ aka her soother is hitting the trash can For Good This Time on her birthday. We figured both at once might be traumatic.IMG_1642 When Nicole is nervous/shy/unsure she makes this funny little face, she twists her mouth to the side and kind of just stares around. Its very funny. IMG_1643 The picture below is right after the first earring was done. We put a freezing cream (Emla) on her ears, so it didn’t really hurt, but it was kind of shocking, and she took a moment to decide how she felt about it.IMG_1644 You can see where she went with that decision. She bawled big fat tears but let the lady do the other ear like a little trooper. She decided she was completely traumatized, except 10 seconds later the receptionist offered her suckers. The complexity of choosing the pink sucker or the blue sucker totally made her forget she was supposed to be upset. (She was given both and then generously decided to give the pink one to me.)IMG_1645 She was a little fit-ish for the next bit, with the lingering idea that she had been traumatized floating around in her head, she alternated between happily skipping around and throwing fits on the floor over random things (stuffed puppy, not wanting to walk anymore, etc.). She was overall very proud and happy, though. The earrings were a birthday gift from Grandma, my mom (and her middle-name namesake.) She also got another Fancy Nancy book from Grandma, ooh la laaa!IMG_1650 Nicole didn’t want to let me take a picture of her earrings but was very willing to let me take a picture of her drinking a slurpee. (The smallest size and only 3/4 full, I’d rather pay for a fractional cup in cash then pay for a full cup worth of sugar in sanity later, ha. Clever me.)IMG_1651 After seeing the slurpee picture on the back of the camera she was ready to have pictures taken of her earrings. She chose plain gold stars, which kindof surprised me. I thought she’d choose something colorful, or maybe some hearts. Initially she chose a star with a ‘diamond’ but they only had the pearl and the plain one available, and she chose the plain one. IMG_1652 IMG_1653 She’s proud as a peacock and I’m expecting to break down into tears at some point over this milestone yet today. It’s hard to get emotional with her sometimes though, she cracks me up. She rather firmly told me after getting her earrings done that she was turning six years old. I gently tried to correct her, but she sure told me, let me tell you. I have been told, ladies and gentlemen. Meanwhile, I have to start planning her ‘puppies and kitties’ themed birthday party. After peeking over my shoulder and seeing a unicorn pinata in my blogreader this morning (a la Craft) apparently we need one of those too, but I think I convinced her that if she wants puppies and kitties she needs to stick to that.

One thing I did get a bit misty about today was the idea of having another baby girl. I don’t know right now what we’re having, and I’ve been hoping for a boy since I am missing that from my little ‘set’, haha, but lately I’ve kindof been hoping for a pair of sisters to giggle together and pull each others’ hair, you know what I mean? I love my little girly-girl and her fancy-hair-lovin’ soccer-ball-kickin’ beach babe wannabe fart-noises cuddlemonster sassypants ways.

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