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baby to-diy roundup

So I thought I’d compile a list of the things I’m definitely doing, boy or girl, once I find out the gender and know what fabrics/yarns I’ll work with. After I wipe a bum, hold that thought. Okay, I’m back. What can I say, I live a charmed life. Be jealous. Be extra jealous to know I’m ‘snacking’ on a small bowl of All-Bran right now. prego-consti-whatwhaaaat? Holla back.


Now that all of these tutorials will be totally proud&excited to be linked to from this post… here we go, in no particular order, except the one created alphanumerically by the album I had all these pictures saved in…

Items I’d Like To Make Regardless Of Gender:

DSC03718 Mud Puddles & Daisies Diaper Clutch Tutorial
I could probably get started on this one right away, this is a ‘for mommy’ one so it doesn’t need to have a fabric that works for a girl or boy.IMG_0178Creatively Christy’s carseat canopy tutorial 
This one can wait until next spring, I’ll have a big warm cover on the carseat until then, from birth until spring it will be COLD here! But then it will be very handy for protecting sleepy baby from sunlight and/or pokey fingers.IMG_1066Prudent Baby’s Fitted Crib Sheet tutorial 
I think all my crib sheets will be DIY… super easy and costs about the same as buying a crib sheet. I can have a nice selection of super cute sheets! I’ll be doing a quilt, too, but baby will be just fine with just Woombie and sheets until a bit older. IMG_1512 Prudent Baby’s Fitted Pack&Play Sheet Tutorial
How totally intelligent is this?! Anyone else totally grossed out by the bottom of a well-used pack and play? Drool/snot/cookie goo. YUM.IMG_2232 Made By The Mama Monster’s Hooter Hider Tutorial
One of many lovely tutorials for this item, simple and such a lifesaver for those who are nursing. You know what annoys me a little? People who are like, “if you don’t like people nursing in public, put a blanket over YOUR head!” Sorry if you’re one of those people and that offends you, but I can think of many things that are beautiful and natural that I wouldn’t do out in the open. Like sex and showering. Sure, your average mom or dad will just look politely around you and your exposed bosum. But honestly, that’s just plain unfair to your average nice young teenage boy. IMG_5501-1 Prudent Baby’s Silky Blankie Tutorial
I’m planning on doing this one with minky on one side. I might start making them in a few colors soonish and make a baby gift supply. I might also fly to the moon. If I ever finish with my house first.
The Fox Hole hooded winter baby sling
This is a gorgeous idea for cold places like here! I’ll probably wait until spring on this one, doubt I’ll spend much time walking outside with baby until then.

bringitonbabyblanket Pickles Bring It On Baby Blanket
I am just itch itch ITCHing to start this one. I haven’t knitted in forever, and I like that the pattern is for the stitch pattern, the colors are all up to you, you just have to switch at the beginning of the pattern thingies. I’m super up-to-date on my knitting terms. Like I said, it’s been a while.

I’ll probably do more roundups for ‘in case I have a girl’ and ‘in case I have a boy’, but I’ve consumed enough of my own time right now. I have to go fold some laundry. Yaaaaayyyboo.

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