Don’t Make Eye Contact With The Pregnant Lady

Ever have those days where you just kind of snap and maniacally reorganize/rearrange all those areas of your house that just drive you crazy? Not that I actually rearranged that office upstairs into the craft room downstairs, that would be on my to-do list, and why on earth would I prioritize that? Nope, I rearranged the storage area in the unfinished half of our basement. AND Nicole’s bedroom. AND my bedroom, including all the baby stuff we’re storing in there right now for lack of anywhere else. Did I mention I snapped? Yup.

vintagehorse(random unrelated picture, since I didn’t
think you’d want to see pictures of dusty boxes.)

Unfortunately I spent so much time and energy rearranging those areas that the main living area is a bit messy tonight. I don’t even care, I’m just beat right now. I had a little breakdown somewhere in the middle when I realized there were four gigantic cardboard boxes full of VHS movies in storage. Chris is a keeper/hoarder and I’m a purger/waster. (to give you both of our basic definitions. I think you can guess which opinions are mine.) We drive each other batty with it.

Add some pregnancy hormones + one stubborn man in the mix and you have a mini episode of hoarders on your hands, very drama drama, and over several square feet of VHS movies might I add. Ultimatums were given, tears were shed, angry cleaning was done. (I clean with a vengeance when I’m angry. I’m like a fifties housewife with ‘roid rage.)

By the time Chris got home all those nooks and crannies were sorted through, I was elbows deep in laundry, and he quietly went to work on Nicole’s bedroom. (It’s next on the reno list, and probably will be the first thing that is completely finished.) The man knows how to stay out of the line of fire when my hormones are raging.

Speaking of raging hormones, if you’re curious what I would buy with a $70 gift card to CSN Stores, well, that would be the Storkcraft Hollie change table I’m reviewing from them! If you haven’t already, go ahead and tell me where you’d spend yours to enter to win. Think positive, browse around, do some coveting! Just kidding, coveting is a sin. Do some wishful thinking instead, much more positive of a vibe.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Make Eye Contact With The Pregnant Lady

  1. I can't seem to be reasonable and productive at the same time while pregnant. I'm like all put-out by the messes I've gotten myself into. No wonder my husband has spent the past 3 weekends organizing (hiding in) the garage. Feel your pain!


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