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How to instantly look young, hot, and fresh!

Okay, not you. Your ironing board. Sorry if you got all excited there. I think most of you either have that whole thing figured out already or you possibly shouldn’t be trying so hard. If it makes you feel better, I am relatively certain that I look none of the above on a good day, and I kindof fall in the ‘young’ category to begin with, so that’s extra-sad.

Now that we’re off to a depressing start, let’s see an equally-depressing before shot! Excitement implied via exclamation marks!IMG_1025Now, the iron is super sassy. A couple of girlfriends got together and bought it for me when I was engaged because my friend Nadine and I were browsing at Sears and I was all like, “Man, I hate stuff like ironing, but I would totally feel sexy ironing with an iron like that!” I won’t promise that I’ve ironed things like clothes, but I do a lot of pressing with that sassy lady, let me tell you. My ironing board on the other hand… seems like it has a long and depressing story to tell. Stains, lumpy and worn through, sad sad sad.  Sad. Now, there are some super cute iron board cover tutorials online. I was totally all for that. Until I was at Winners, and look what I spotted???!IMG_1028 Okay so 9.99 divided by the cost of fabric multiplied by time and effort and squared by the fact that there were some really cute patterns and this baby was Frequent Usage, and you get this baby comin’ home with mama, that’s what you get. IMG_1029 Quick, easy, and now my ironing board looks and feels brand new! And she’s as sassy as my hot pink iron. They now hold places of honor in my craft room, which is coming along ever so slowly and painfully. My SIL came over for a few hours today and sorted embellishments while I folded several mountains of fabric. Later I spent a few hours sorting and folding more stuff. I can ever so nicely announce that I am maybe 20% done going through that room, tops. Gaaaah. In case my insurance people read my blog, I am definitely NOT considering just setting that particular Room Where Crap Was Shoved For The Last Few Months on fire. Nope.

Wish I could just slip a new cover on that room. Is all I’m sayin.

Oh wait, it’s not. Look for another giveaway upcoming. This one will be a tasty tasty gift certificate, and once again I’ll be working with CSN Stores.

One thought on “How to instantly look young, hot, and fresh!

  1. Whoop whoop!! Sexy pink iron! I forgot all about it until I saw the picture and then first thought was “HEY! I recognize that baby!” LOVE LOVE LOVE the ironing board cover, so hot. I want a pink iron now… but since I have a perfectly new one, I just might hit up winners this week for a sexy in-style cover for my ironing board 😉


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