Tutu Giveaway Winner

Okay, so, thanks to the magic of, the winner is the author of the …. fourth! comment. Disqus posts the most recent comments at the top, so we shall count from the bottom to be fair and get the actual fourth comment….

The winner is…. Pam R, who wrote:

I could spend an hour (and have) in many of the stores but the ones that usually suck me in the longest are the toy stores for kids

Pam, I will email you in the next 24 hours to get your mailing information!

And if I don’t it is safe to assume my husband has chained me to the bed after getting home and seeing the pile of stuff that I’ve been doing in the craftroom that I am not supposed to do myself. I’ll do a post on how things are progressing in there soon! Well, hopefully. If not, please send magazines.

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