Tutu giveaway ends tomorrow

Don’t forget that the tutu giveaway ends tomorrow, enter quick or enter never! If making tutus is more your thing, or you’re interested in the idea of making tutus, or if you like the idea of making a sick child happy… (that’s right, you like to make sick children unhappy if you don’t at least consider getting in on this.) … then you should check out what Samster Mommy has going on right now.

Samster Mommy Tutu Drive

And since I told you I was done posting those tutu pictures over and over again like some wierdo who doesn’t take the time to sit down and edit other pictures *clears throat*  … here’s some pictures from some lovely weather we had the other day.


Nicole got to splash around in the pool with one of her favourite people, her cousin Cohen. They’re three months apart and although they have bitten each other and bashed each other in the head and pushed each other over for nearly three years now, they just love each other. Nicole wants to live at Cohen’s house. Cohen wants to live here. I suggested just switching to mess with them, but my sister in law pointed out the point was that they want to live in the same house. Since neither of us is volunteering to have two three year olds, plus we do both kindof like our kids, they may dream on.

IMG_0687-copy IMG_0689-copy IMG_0693-copy IMG_0702-copy

Aren’t they both just delicious? Pictures like these make you kindof forget that they’re a pair of three year olds. Three year olds who have emotional breakdowns at least once a day. Actually, I don’t think Nicole had a single breakdown today, but I came close trying to get her out of the car at one point.

Please tell me my kid isn’t the only one who never wants to get out of the car when you get home? And the frustration is triplicated by the fact that the little monster blessing can leap over the seats like nobody’s business. Especially when the mommy is pregnant and has a little difficulty lunging. Anyone else? Anyone? Any suggestions maybe?

3 thoughts on “Tutu giveaway ends tomorrow

  1. Sorry no suggestions on getting the kid out of the car (have you tried bribing, the promise of M & M's tends to work for my kids with other things:) My kids don't mind getting out of the car but have a definite problem going in the house…tantrum city!!


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