craft room

craft room – sneak peek

IMG_0611it’s a rough, badly lit, unedited photo, and obviously there is no drop ceiling in there and the floor is dusty and dirty, but here is a sneak peek of my new basement craftroom. The paint on the beadboard is still wet even, and look how bright and cheerful my little corner of the house is! Prettiest darn room I ever owned. I think I’m in love. And also haven’t quite come to terms with the fact that this is a real room and not just a plan for eventually sometime or a collection of pictures in an inspiration folder.

Crazy busy lately. Have made strawberry rhubarb jam and two batches of salsa in the last few days, run countless errands, been to Home Depot at least twice, and did I mention I didn’t actually even do any of the work for that craftroom? All Chris and his buddy Ruurd. My house is a hot mess, I am a hot mess, but I’ve gotten a lot done. It’s been a long first trimester followed by a long cold but things have started movin’ and shakin’ again! Will have a better post when I’ve had time to catch my breath, another busy day tomorrow but I’ll try catch a moment.

Color is Jamaican Aqua by Benjamin Moore. 

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