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In honour of the CSN Stores review I’ll be doing (my change table arrived in the mail today! That’s a lot faster than I expected, we don’t have any room to set it up yet, but there’s my first part of the review… large items arrive quickly!) I am going to be giving something away, myself. I’d pretend to do a dramatic drumroll slash moment of suspense, except I’m pretty sure you all read that title already, so never mind. tutu3This giveaway is for this specific tutu! I would call this toddler-to-preschooler sized. It’s nearly ankle length on a two year old who has short legs like a one year old. Yup, that would be my kids sizing last year. I was kind of shocked this summer when I noticed she had legs. She’s in 3T pants now and as you can see, it’s below-the-knee to midcalf, depending on what you kiddo is doing. The elastic waist makes the sizing very flexible. You could put this on a five year old+ if you wanted to, it would just get shorter as you went along. Throw some leggings on and call it a day. (I’m partial to black and white striped leggings with a tutu. Love.)tutu4 The above picture probably has the closest to real-life color representation. In person it’s a light purple tutu with shots of fuschia. If you’re looking at this for a photo prop, it will photograph as a hazy white-purple with shots of pink.tutu-and-pearls I’ll note that that’s a silk scarf, not some long piece of TP. For the record. I’m sure you could care less about what she’s looking at and much more about how to win this tutu.

Click on the CSN Stores link and then do one of two things. Either:
A) leave a comment and tell me which piece of furniture you want on the site (very competitive pricing and free shipping on more expensive orders… especially tell me if you’re buying something so I can live vicariously through you, I love furniture!)
Or B) on the very top of the page, click on “View All 200+ CSN Stores.” Then leave a comment telling me which of the stores you’d be most likely to waste an hour or so browsing. Not that I ever waste time doing things like that.

To get twenty extra chances to win, come over and do all my laundry, including folding it and putting it away.

Don’t forget to make sure I can get ahold of you… if your comment is the one drawn randomly and your email address isn’t linked to your comment in some way, I’ll announce the winner and give them a week to contact me. If I don’t hear anything back, I’ll redo the draw.



11 thoughts on “TUTU GIVEAWAY!

  1. I could spend tons of time wishful browsing on the swingsetsandmore site. Sigh…Liana has been longing for a new swingset since last year – she doesn't know yet that she is getting a new brother or sister instead! Your daughter and tutu are both beautiful. Such sweet pics! Thanks for offering such a great giveaway item. 🙂


  2. I could spend an hour (and have) in many of the stores but the ones that usually suck me in the longest are the toy stores for kids.

    melacan at hotmail dot com


  3. I kinda want to paint 1 room REALLY white just so I can buy the Beverly Hills Furniture Caelyn Leather Chair Very cute!


  4. we really need a new couch so any of the leather ones would be my dream couch. my fil has one and i love it, especially the end that you can stretch your legs straight out lol


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