digital scrapbooking

Choose That Layout!

So, firstly, I will once again prove my amazing inability to make a long story short. Or a short story short. I was doing some digital scrapbooking, and was pretty happy with my layout, but not with the colors I’d chosen for the lettering and the biggest part of embellishment. I uploaded the picture to facebook and said as much, as well as what I was thinking of doing. I got a few suggestions and ‘do that’s so I did two other versions. Then it turned into a bit of a voting thing. So I figured lets make it official and actually make a poll out of it! Now lets give me a pat on the back because that wasn’t actually all that long, for me. *patpat*

So first, the layouts, in order! You can click to make them bigger.

jump copy jump2 copy jump3 copy

(credit where credit is due: I think all the elements here except the fonts are freebies from Two Peas In A Pod. I did change the size and color of that floral thing though.)
Now, votey vote vote my chillens!

And if the clouds ever go away I’ll take some pictures of a certain prize I will be giving away to celebrate the fact that csn stores is giving me a change table to review. I’ll give you a hint. It’s made of tulle. That’s a terrible hint, actually. I bet you know what it is now. Everyone with boys just left. Yup. Did I say tulle? I meant… uh… mud. And sticks. Okay, now everyone’s gone. My work here is done.

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