Baby V

Growing Things

before picture … January 2010. You like my dirty mirror? Nicole sprays it with water and rubs it while I brush her hair.









10 wk15 wkI’m 15 weeks in the last picture, and now I’m 16. I do realize I’m pretty huge, and yes, there’s only one in there, I’ve checked.




Guess that’s what happens with baby #2 for people who pop early even on the first kid.

That’s not the only thing I’m growing right now… and we are pretty excited about these next few additions as well!

001onions 002 radishes003 peas, or ‘beanstalks’ as Nicole says004our late bloomers, onions , poking shyly out005 a basil plant, kickin’ it with two strawberry plants006my little tomato patch, where I hope most of my little tomatoes will survive their recent transplanting into the earth 012 Baby Apple Tree and Baby Lilac Tree013 Nicole and Baby Apple Tree. Next spring I’d like to take a photo of Nicole, Baby V, and Baby Apple Tree. I think it’d be a fun thing to do every year when we’re here. (Baby Apple Tree might possibly be the family favourite of the plant variety, shhhhh)

I’m hoping to get back to blogging again now that I’m solidly into the second trimester and getting back into action. I dug out the grass, tilled the ‘manitoba gumbo’ as my husband so affectionately calls the claylike earth, added two bags of cowpoo-smellin rich topsoil, and tilled it again. All in the name of vegetable love. Gardening is probably going to be my number one workout this pregnancy. That and building, if I can get my hubby to run to the lumber store with some Knock Off Wood plans. LURVE. I want to build the queen storage bed.

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