This week’s theme is ‘bundled up’ and immediately my mind went to this photo set. Sadly my favourite shot is of her trudging in the other direction and includes no face, but this one makes me grin, too. She’s just pleased as punch to be trudging through all that snow!


6 thoughts on “Iheartfaces

  1. I thought you might be interested in what Allison wrote Kristin, in case you missed it. This issue is not about Christianity. This issue is about respecting one's privacy, Nolan and Nolan's father:

    “For the record Kristin, you have written very unflattering and personal things about R here. And, while he knows you write this blog, to suggest that he doesn't care about what you have shared here is not true. You also used to write under our last name, so many of your faithful readers do know R AND N's full names. Additionally, your readers sometimes comment using their names, not initials. And the photos? I'm sorry, but that's just dangerous. Maybe the creepy guy down the street reads your blog?

    Our silence here does not mean we think it's ok, it's not, and I have expressed this to you before. You put things out there about R and then sit back and let your readers fill in the blanks. Your trusty readers do your dirty work. I just want to remind everyone that there is two sides to every story, and that R is a real person, with a real family, who love him. He has a job. He has friends. He is N's father. He is not the deadbeat you have portrayed him to be. He didn't ask to be the villan in your story .

    R relocated to another city so he could be close to his son. He does contribute financially to N's care. It's not so much what you say, it's what you don't say. You only give your version. No one expects you to wax poetic about your ex, but just leave him out of it all together. Blog about fitness, Corey, what you ate for lunch, but leave R out of it. Pretend he's just the sperm donor you would like everyone to believe he is.

    You know the Golden Rule, Kristin. What you're doing sometimes feels uncomfortable, because it's wrong. When you shame R, you are shaming your son. Your words have not helped heal the relationship between you and R. Please consider taking the high road, whatever that may mean. I understand I will likely be edited, and that's ok. I just really wanted you to know how my family feels about all this, and not let others speak for us.”

    * * *
    As a Christian, you are probably aware there is a difference between decency and soft-porn. Please understand this issue has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity. It has everything to do with respecting the family of Kristin's ex and his family. When she shames them, she shames her own son.

    Thank you for understanding and God Bless.


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