Just a few snippets, since I’ve been so bad for not blogging this week… tired, then sick, then hey, while we’re at it, I should probably rip off all the trim so hubby and I can repaint the entire main living area.026Today I had a to-do list, and making hairclips was not on it. Procrastination is the mother of creativity, right? Or something like that? hehe. This bear is what Nicole and her cousin Cohen carried down the aisle at my BIL&SIL’s wedding last weekend, and Nicole is in love with it. So I put a matching clippie in Bear’s hair, too. DEEEEElighted! 029These are super simple, I’ve seen them all over the net, but I don’t remember where, so if you would like I can do a how-to. Just say the word. 007 A lady should never pry. Unless she’s got the right tools, that is. This little hammer is actually a scrapbooking tool, it’s got holepunch and stuff in the handle, and my hubby made fun of it when I first brought it home. But we use it for almost every single task in the house! It’s small enough that it’s not a nuisance to have hanging around, and it works just fine!011 I never thought I’d care about a ceiling paint but this stuff diffuses the light soooo nicely. Dorkstick, that’s what I am. Anyways, Chris painted the ceiling last night, my house is a huge kerfluffle but it will all be worth it!016 This was apparently a neccessary photo. As was the one of me, covered in paint (“accidents” from Chris’ rollerbrush) cleaning spots off the floor from ‘somebody’s’ shoe. As in, Chris goes, “Somebody tracked paint all over the floor. I’m not sure who, so I won’t point fingers or name names.” Hmmm… that smells suspiciously like he might have been to blame….019

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