cake decorating

coffee break!

So, are we liking the new banner pictures and suchlike? I wanted something bright and cheerful. Spring is nowhere in sight until March April May so now’s the time of year where I brighten everything up and start wearing spring clothes and thusly never leaving the house.

Here’s some glimpses at what I’ve been so absent over… no, not showing the flowergirl dress until it’s being put into action, or the finished cake for that matter, not that it IS finished right now, but we’re getting there. Here’s some WIP shots. I’ve been making good use of my mom’s roomy kitchen and my siblings’ helpful Nicole-wrangling. I’m thinking of adopting my sister Tiffany because she’s been following behind me washing giant cake pans and such. She doesn’t turn 18 until next Saturday so maybe there’s still time.

005 half of bottom tier of cake. giant can of Crisco.007 one of the three double-batches of icing that was involved in this process. To match the three double-batches of cake also involved. Also, 30 eggs, 12 cups of sugar, 12 cups of butter, and more than 15 cups of flour went into this monster. And that’s just the cake. We aren’t going to talk about the icing because I’ve been sampling and I just don’t want to talk about what’s in it. It’s buttercream. If you know, you know why.010 small can of icing for size reference on this crumb-coated cake. I know, a generous crumb coat. Cry me a river.
(I use the Wilton can stuff to pipe roses, for the smoothitty-smooth texture.)

005 bottom and top tiers. I’m glad the bottom tier is the bottom cos I’m seriously not in love with the icing. Yay for the fact that there will be ‘pearl’ dots of icing all over this thing. We’ll try not to think about how long THAT will take. 006 Middle tier, waiting for it’s crumbcoat, then icing, then on to stacking and decorating. wheeee. Speaking of which, off I go again!

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