the sweetest things

Happy Weekend! I’m in Manitoba so that means Monday is Louis Riel day, haha, I’m not sure how the vote went from “Family Day” like many of the other provinces to “Louis Riel Day”, but okie dokers. Hubby’s still working though, so completely irrelevant to me regardless! 😉

Busy weekend, preceding a busy week. Went to a bridal shower, went shopping and bought a bunch of new clothes for Growy McGrowerson at The Childrens Place and Old Navy. So cute, I love it, and sometimes I just want to toss my kid in clothes that all match each other and were no effort on my part. I also had to go and get satin and tulle, Growy McGrowerson is a flower girl… next Saturday. For the same wedding I’m making the wedding cake for. So… don’t be shocked if you don’t hear a lot from me next week! Also don’t be shocked if I submit a post that is purely my head banging on the keyboard.

Anyways, here are a few of the sweetest things from the last two or three days:

015 Nicole admiring her own self in the “gallery” pictures.016 A clean house… oh, it feels like a distant memory… lol. Funny how 48 hours can make the difference between ‘gorgeous’ and ‘call Child&Family Services!’ Okay, maybe it’s not quite that bad, it wouldn’t take more than half an hour to get my house perfecto. I’m just tuckered because I did shopping-shopping and grocery-shopping ALL DAY today. Or at least it feels like it was all day.019 Oh, what a sight of beauty… my child playing downstairs with her toys. Did I mention she’s downstairs? Where her toys aren’t cluttering up the house? Because they’re downstairs? I love having her play downstairs. And then I tell her she can’t watch TV until she cleans up and she cleans for 2.4 seconds and gets distracted and starts playing which is actually what I was aiming for cos I’m manipulative a good parent.022handmade candies! I made candy because I was bored in the kitchen and I didn’t have flour or eggs because did I mention I was really, really out of groceries for a bit there? Because the grocery fairy didn’t show up? She must be partying with the dish-fairy. The jerks. 046 The recipe was loosely based off of the Dollar Store Crafts Flax Brittle Candies. I didn’t make them all with flax, though.048I’m actually kind of annoyed with myself because I packaged a bunch of them up beautifully and gave them to the neighbours. But I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful packaging! I was pretty sure my neighbours would think I was batshit crazy if I came running over screaming “WAIT! DONT OPEN IT !!!! I NEED TO TAKE A PICTURE!” I was pretty pleased with myself because it was the first time I’ve used my scrapbooking supplies for anything in a while. Should use them more often. I have enough supplies to keep several Mennonite families in scrapbooking for the rest of their lives.049If I make the candies again, I’ll make it with peanut butter flavouring in it. Plus I’ll mix in the flax, I didn’t really dig it being just on the top.

5 thoughts on “the sweetest things

  1. Stopping by from Lady Bloggers Tea Party. The candies look totally yummy and I'm so jealous of the clean house! Mine hasn't been clean in, well a while now 🙂


  2. well if I'm completely honest, “house” is being used really loosely here. Loosely as in, please don't open the closed doors. My loverly girlchild has this fantabulous new habit of emptying every. single. thing. from her drawers onto her bedroom floor. I've quite frankly given up and just dress her off the floor for right now. YOU CAN ONLY PUT IT AWAY SO MANY TIMES A WEEK.


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