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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Chris and I have been together since April 04, married since August ‘06. We were blessed with our little girl Nicole, who we like to call our little wedding gift from God. See, we weren’t really ‘supposed’ to have kids. But October 06, just two months after we got married, I got pregnant! Surprise! What do doctors know, anyways! They aren’t the One who hands out babies, anywho.

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Every Valentine’s day Chris likes to get a little something for Nicole and a little something for me. It’s always just a little trinket, some chocolates or candy, just saying ‘I’m thinking of you.’ Very sweet. This year he got me a candle, since we both love to have candles burning.
What I got him… well, let’s just say he got me a little something to say he’s thinking of me, and I got him a little something to make SURE he’s thinking of me. A la Victoria’s Secret. ooh la la

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I’m married though so I’m not naughty, I’m rather quite dutiful and well-behooved. The very picture of well-behoovedness.

Speaking of being oblivious (what, is that not a good segue? Aw, poopsicles. I tried.) My sister and I were grocery shopping last night. I got out of the car and was fixing my oh-so-cute hat (I didn’t make the hat, so I’m still modest) and staring off into the distance. Lost in space, as we like to say. Pondering things like shopping carts or something, no doubt. Deep, meaningful thoughts. Anyways, I kindof half-noticed two guys walking past us. Didn’t notice them at all, really, until the one guy went, “Stop staring!” and they both started laughing. Then I turned to look, but they were already past, I just saw the back of their (scruffy looking) heads. I was kind of puzzled, trying to figure out what they were staring at, and my sister walked over to me and was like, “Well, that was kind of creepy. That guy wasn’t even staring at you, he was gaping.” Now, I really wish I hadn’t missed it, because I’d be curious to see what constitutes gaping, but apparently he was staring straight on in a very not-subtle way, and smiling at me like he knew me or something.  However, I’ve become convinced that one of two things is true. Either,

a) There are a lot of chicks out there who look like me, because I often hear that I look just like somebody’s ex, or their cousin’s ex, or whatever. Or, possibly,

b) There is a chick around that looks like me, and girlfriend gets around.

Regardless, this is kind of bugging me, because whenever somebody is staring at me I always want to go up to them and ask them why. I never do, I am super not that person who just talks to random people. But it always buggity bug bugs me for days afterwards. Girl, guy, doesn’t matter. I neeeeeed to know, what for are you staring?

What’s the weirdest staring-type or hitting-on story you’ve got? Mine is when some guy was hitting on me in line at Baskin Robbins and when I got my stuff and turned to leave he suddenly noticed i was HOSHIT EXTREMELY PREGNANT and literally, his face dropped and he walked away without ordering anything he was so embarrassed. But it gave me the giggles and made me feel great because I looked like I was ready to give birth but apparently you couldn’t tell from behind.

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  1. Hi! I am Shana from Blaze 'n' Crochet and I am stopping by from The Lady Blogger's Tea party. I absolutely love your blog. I am a follower now and hope you will stop by for a visit soon. God Bless and have a wonderful day.


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