what a Lush

Okay, so have you heard of Lush Cosmetics? Make sure to navigate to your local, mine is www.lush.ca … anyways, I was snooping around because I had read a review on their Big shampoo, and I’m kindof lusting to try it. I’ll have to pick some up in person when I go to the local Lush store. I noticed on the website that they had a deal going on, buy a christmas item and get two free. Don’t bother looking, I couldn’t find it back today. I wanted moooore. I figure yummy smells don’t go out of season.

They shipped really quickly, I did get the express shipping. With all the freebs and everything I wound up paying like $5/bomb which is pretty much the same as instore, without having to go across town to pay to try something out that I’ve never tried before.

I reasoned that with my four or five nice relaxing baths per year, $5 or so for a bath bomb or bubble bar is very reasonable. Especially as they’re so generous you can split them in half and still have a luxe bath. (I prefer not too though, half smells delish and bubbles up, the the whole one is what gets you that amazing-feeling water. Can’t really describe it as anything but rich & luxe.)

My reasoning did NOT, however, take into consideration my husband, who has slightly less restraint. See, I love love loved the bath that I tried out (admittedly, about fifteen minutes after the package arrived. At 11 o’clock in the morning.) Ha. So, I figured I should get Chris to take a bath to try it out and love it and declare it ‘worth the splurge’. He had a yummilicious bath last night and approved the stuff, but without much exclaiming, so I figured it was just a “pass.”

HOWever. He comes home from work the next day and says he is going to shower up before our romantic night in. (I put Nicole to bed early and we had candles, dinner, and a movie with just the two of us.) Then he changes his mind and says he wants to take a bath. Not so unusual, he actually takes a bath more often than not to relax after work and soak out the dirties. Then he pops his head out of the bathroom, little white box in hand, and gives me his cute-eyes/smile. “Can I use one of these?” I narrow my eyes at him thoughtfully. “Well, I guess so….” I concede. “But only use half!” He grins and disappears back into the bathroom.

“You can’t use one every time!” I holler after him.
“Just watch me!”
he cackles.
Then he disappears for about half an hour, reappearing with a waft of *yum* and groaning “mmm, that bubble’s goooooood.”

Hoo boy. I’ve created a monster. I think I’m gonna have to hide a stash of Lush bath products away for my own personal in-case-of-stress/date night/just because emergencies.  And apparently Chris’ brother wants me to get some for him, too, for his honeymoon. I guess I can concede that. Gonna have to run to Lush next weekend! What a shame 😉

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