Lor vs Wallpaper

So, I feel like I went three rounds against a heavyweight champ, but hey, you should see the other guy!001 Before… the wallpaper is gross and dirty. I’m sure it was quite beautiful at one point, but it was beyond redemption, the wallpaper was a real paper-paper, so if you tried to wash it, it would just start to pill up. Poor choice for the back entrance!002 You can see where one’s shoulder tends to rub against the wall when you’re teetering around trying to take your shoes off… and I guess maybe there was a shoe rack there at one point?004 This was a two-part project, part one being the removing of the wallpaper, where my primary tools were a spritz bottle and a blowdryer. Part two was removing the glue. At the point shown below, Nicole wandered by and gave me a good scolding for making a mess. “I don’t want to clean that up!” she declared with much irritation. Bwahaha. Wonder where she got that phrase?005 Here you can see above the door, on the right I had already scraped off the glue. See the difference?006 Me and the gang. So badass. Me and my steamer and my scraper. And my sex appeal, as I’m whitey-white, flushed, and shiny. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Grr, baby. My gang was made up of jerks, btw. The steam gun burned me on one side and the scraper nicked me on the other. So. So much for gang loyalty. Stay out of gangs, kids.010 Finished! Okay, not finished. First of all, I need to clean the floor. I wish hard projects like this did not include cleanup. It’s kind of not fair, you know?013 After I do my cleanup, Chris is going to take over for a bit, puttying and sanding. I’m not allowed to putty, there was an incident once where I couldn’t find a putty knife and I was a little impatient so I used my hands. The scraper and I got to spend some quality time after that one, too. 014 After Chris finished his duties it’s back over to me for priming and painting. 017 I’m pretty excited, I’m really starting to see how my house is going to come together. I can’t wait for us to paint everything. And by us I mean me. And maybe I can rope in some girlfriends.

This totally counts as my workout for the last two days because I think I spent like five hours in total doing all of it. As a sidenote, I think when people wallpaper they should write a little apology note to whoever has to remove the wallpaper onto the wall first. Just saying. It would be nice.

I’m excited to keep working on projects, and as soon as I can move my arms again I will get right on that.

One thought on “Lor vs Wallpaper

  1. Oh wow, that was quite the task! I bet it feels SO good to have it off that wall!

    I helped my parents remove the entryway wallpaper from the previous owner and I have to agree that there needs to be some sort of apology and/or money for all the work that's put into it. HELLISH.


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