My grown-up livingroom

Can you believe it, the only furniture Chris and I have ever bought together before this year would be Nicole’s bedroom furniture and two end tables in our bedroom. Everything else has been collected from various friends and family members. However, we wanted to wait until we could afford something with quality and lasting power. And considering we have a toddler, for us that meant leather, as far as sofas are concerned.P1080223For a while now I’ve had my eye on this couch and loveseat set. Even at the price I was looking at, which was $1,200, it was a good deal. This past weekend though, the set went on sale for $900! Chris and I scooted our butts in there and scooped it up. It’s bonded leather, very comfy, and it’s got a nice texture to it… not too textured but not so shiny that it sticks to you.  P1080224 It has what’s called ‘baseball stitching’ and I just love the look of it. A big upgrade from our previous inherited-from-somebody’s-basement temporary furniture. And we have a black-brown square coffee table coming from Ikea, Chris’ mom scooped it up for us in the clearance section. I’m not even sure what the name of the coffee table is, or what it looks like. lol! I do know what the table and chairs we are also getting from there look like… the cheapest set, but I’ve seen it in person at my friends’ house in BC, and I really like it. I’m so excited to get a rectangular table, a round table really just does not work in my space at all. P1080225Haha… Chris wanted a recliner, but I convinced him that we’d do that another time. Nicole, however, scored a recliner! It was on sale for $45, it’s a fully funtional recliner, and it’s a little trippy because it looks exactly like an adult recliner, miniaturized. It normally sits somewhere else in the livingroom but she shoves it over here for when she gets to watch Little Einsteins every morning. (Speaking of Nicole… end of November she hit a growth spurt and went from a size 2 to a size 3 and got an entirely new wardrobe. Suddenly end of January rolls around and I notice that all her 3T clothes are getting too small on her! Girl is 2 1/2 years old! And she has a whole brand new set of clothes that I just bought! I’m gonna try sell them, they’re so new that the glitter shirts even look brand new still.) P1080226Do you recognize my coffee table book? Inspirational Home by Jeanne Winters. I bought it from her on her birthday so I got two signed copies! I would definitely recommend this book, it’s full of great ideas. And doesn’t it just look so pretty sitting there? Unlike the big pile of junk hiding in the coffee table. Time for a purge!  P1080227Words cannot express how excited I am that my living room and kitchen are finally getting nicely furnished. Chris wasn’t bothered too much by our temporary stuff, but he also didn’t have to sit at home and stare at it all day. You know what I mean, don’t you ladies? Is there anything in your home that just drives you bonkers and you’d be so thrilled to see it go?

Perhaps in March I can get a compound mitre saw and start working on projects from Ana’s site, Knock Off Wood.  I think I would like this entryway bench and hooks to be my first project. Today I was ripping wallpaper out of my back entrance and hallway, I’ll post on that tomorrow.

When Chris and his brother Stephen were hauling in our furniture, which came wrapped up, Nicole turned to me and asked, “Is that a present for you, Mommy?” “Yes, yes it is, sweetheart.”

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