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this is what snow looks like

It occured to me that some of you might not know what the aftermath of a blizzard looks like. Now, this was just a little bitty baby blizzard. There is maybe a foot and a half, two feet of snow back there. Maaaaybe three by the fence. A few inches in the front where the footprints are, because sometime we shovel that part. And by we I mean, I don’t go out there if I can help it, so uhhh, Chris. 038I considered going out there but decided since many of you probably can’t empathize with –27 C (with windchill, –18 without) I am not really all that willing to make that sacrifice. And my local friends are rolling their eyes right now because I’m a huge wimp but this is my “I don’t care” face –> 😐 If I was meant to be cold we wouldn’t have remote start and indoor plumbing.

040 (out the front window. Don’t kid yourselves, I am seriously not going outside just for you guys. Unless you ask really, really nice. With flowers. We discussed what that means earlier today.)

Also, let’s try not to analyze how frequently I use the tag “crazy.”

2 thoughts on “this is what snow looks like

  1. It was this temp in Ottawa too, but with a lot less snow.
    Unfortunately, I had to spend 15 mins outdoors waiting at the bus stop for my daughter. Too cold


  2. man, i can totally sympathize. I have to bus everywhere at the moment. It wasnt as bad when Nicole was small enough to put in the stroller and cover her in blankets, but now it's just so cold. She wants to be carried and I can't blame her.


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