darling girl · mommy style

impromptu photo shoot

I think I will miss my blue wall when I paint, because it makes a splendid backdrop for photos sometimes. At least, I think so. Not so much the little shelves, they maybe take away from it a bit, haha.002We are so cool. So cool we’re beyond cool even. Ice, ice, baby. My idea of casual chic is jeans, a purple wifebeater, and the warmest, yummiest sweater I own, cos apparently when the blizzard left it took every bit of warmth we had in the air with it. (My version of warmth lately is anything between –10 and –15 celcious, so take that as you may.) Nicole’s idea of casual chic is the jammies she is not so into taking off lately. You will be comforted to know I made her get dressed right after lunch. Gotta have rules.  007 Here’s my little tip for getting fun pictures with your kid… And this only works with one kid per adult, I would imagine. What you have to do is tell your kid to look at the camera, and then you TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE! 008Nicole loves it. She’s not into me taking her picture so much lately, unless I’m trying to take a picture of something that is not her and then she’s in there like a dirty shirt. (or a wii cord, in my case… See it in the bottom left below? I couldn’t crop it out without making the picture look really weird and I am too lazy to photoshop it out.) Anwhoo, she will sit with me for picture after picture after picture, she just loves the tickling. 010 How gigantic is my mouth? Yes, I can shove my fist in there. I just tried. Do you like the sort of questions that pop into my head? Like I just assume you’d wonder that?

I shall leave you now to ponder the workings of my what I can only assume to be gigantic brain, what with my giant head (cannot wear woman hats! Just man hats!) and I will go sew. Right now. Yes, Im going. And sometime in the next 24 hours Ive got to get on the whole gazillion cupcakes I decided I was going to bake and decorate to be sold at a volleyball game slash bake sale that is being held on Saturday. Proceeds from the fundraising event are going towards Corem Deo International Aid who is a registered Canadian charity, and all donations to CDIA will be matched by the government of Canada. 

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