but of course

hehe, no housefire, but I wound up taking a trip to the local Children’s Museum with my SIL and wasn’t home for most of the day. If it’s any consolation, while you don’t have a tutorial, I don’t have any creamer for my coffee. Boo. D: But hey… STILL WORTH IT. Hours and hours of running and playing? YES PLEASE. Here’s some pictures for you, coincidentally all from my favourite area, the giant tree thingy. That’s the technical term.

047Tree slide 051 beaver dam, my SIL supervising climbing children on one side052 climbing up the other side to get in (2 of my nephews!)054 Nicole and I, all crawled up inside the dam. Hate me and my naturally sparse eyebrows. Anyone want to do a blog giveaway for eyebrows? I’m so there.057Nicole crawling down 060 hugging the fox


And just because I love it, here’s a picture from early in the morning when Nicole woke up and crawled into my lap. Now, don’t think I’m all dolled up early in the morning every day, I tried pincurls last night or I’d be all bedhead-fabulous. Anyways, the way she’s looking up at me, just, oh it slays me. She might sometimes think I’m a butt (her new favourite word, btw. I LOVE TWO-FOUR YEAR OLD BOYS. You say something about your kids’ buttcrack showing and everyone’s favourite word is buttcrack suddenly and your charming two year old is talking about butt this and butt that later that evening.) Wow you think maybe I was diagnosed correctly back in grade two with the whole ADHD thing? It’s just ADD now, be happy for me. Anyways, you know what I mean, mommies and daddies out there, right? That look? Gah. “Mommy you rock, you’re awesome, you fart glitter and moonbeams and you’re the prettiest mommy in the whole world and those jeans make your butt look good BUTT BUTT BUTT BUTT BUTT BUTT”

Thankfully tomorrow Nicole will have forgotten the word butt. I hope. I’ve been ignoring instead of reacting and that’s the hope/plan.

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