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labelling and scheming

Is there anything in the world better than a checklist full of checkmarks? By 8pm I was chilling on my laptop in my clean house, freshly showered, my head covered in pincurls in an attempt to maybe get lucky and have awesome hair tomorrow, with my kid in bed. (the selfsame kid who is still not sleeping and currently rubbing her head against me like a kitty, at 9:45. But she WAS in bed… NOW she’s sitting in my lap watching me type. )

Among other things today, I sorted Nicole’s toys into plain boring buckets with lids she can’t open, then took pictures of the contents and made labels with both photographic and written aids to help those things wind up where they belong. The plan is, only one bucket may be played with at a time. Then that bucket must be cleaned up and returned to the mean troll who lives under the bridge the toy nazi me before a new bucket may be had.toy bin labels copyAnother thing I was doing because I am, lets face it, crazy, is scheming to create a swing seat. I made plans even, sortof. Not like, REAL plans, from people who really make plans, as my plans have no measurements. Just vague diagrams and rambling. If you sew things maybe take a look, it sortof makes sense, yes?

swing idea  I like the Ekorre seat but it’s kind of, well, fugly. I want to make something in bright and pretty colors for Nicole’s room, without sacrificing durability. Also, do you like how I use the phrase ‘wierdie shaped bits’ in my very technical plans? I CAN HAS REAL JOB NOW??? This is why my husband makes the big monies and not me. BECAUSE EVERYONE IS JEALOUS OF ME, THATS WHY. Just like they were in kindergarten when I was singing like the Little Mermaid….

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