a new tutorial

eeps, as it turns out I’m still getting a lot of hits through my toddler leggings tutorial. While it’s pretty good for small toddlers and longsleeve shirts, I think it’s time that I do another, better tutorial! I’ll be giving the milk away for free, so to speak, because I’ll be showing the same basic method I use to make the leggings I’ll be selling in tw*nkletw*nkle soon, but c’est la vie. I’d rather sixty people make five pairs of leggings for their kids than make sixty sales of one pair of leggings. ITS FOR THE CHILDREN. So, look for that hopefully this evening. Now that I’ve said that my house will catch on fire and it will never happen.

PS, I wonder what’s going on at my local middle school, all the teenybopper girls are walking by wearing skirts and nylons instead of the usual denim…

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