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Flash(light) Dance Layout

I had a Norwex party last night! I used to swear I would never use Norwex because I just didn’t see how it could be good enough to justify the expense. However, after attending a party and getting a few samples, I totally got it. Norwex cloths are exceptionally high quality, and the solutions (like my number one crush, the Room Deodorizer) are highly concentrated and meant to be diluted once purchased. Not to mention chemical-free and natural, using enzymes in place of chemicals a lot of the time. LOVE. Anways, I finished tidying up before the party a bit early, so I threw together a two-page layout! Once again, all the pieces for these pages are from a kit from … it is so nice to have a cute little kit to use over and over in unique ways to make sure I can come out with an album that has a feeling of unity. LOVE, AGAIN.

  flashlight1 copyflashlight2 copy 

Don’t forget to comment on the Giveaway Post before January 20 for a chance to win a Leapfrog fridge toy! I’m very excited to be getting one for a review, as well. (And shipping says I’ll get it on the day the giveaway ends!)

One thought on “Flash(light) Dance Layout

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog and great comments about Norwex. I am a mom Norwex consultant and totally agree that, until people see the Norwex products in action, it's hard to 'get it' by just looking at a catalog. I live in a place with very hard water so the Norwex Descaler is awesome at removing hard water stains. The Descaler and the Window Cloth is was totally sold me to get me going with this great company.

    Will check back on your writing. Nice!

    Michelle Kane
    Norwex Consultant
    Twitter: GreenCleanGirl


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