sigh of relief

You know how once in a while when you drop something off at a friend’s house she opens the door looking a hot mess and you’re all like ‘hallelujah, it’s not just me.’ Well, you’re welcome…030 This week so far has just been one of those weeks where I am getting tons of stuff done but I just look a WRECK. I’m suffering from a sinus cold which is really just causing pain in the area between my eyes, but if I take some nice little pills the pain is gone and I’m good to go. But then when I look in a mirror its like,
baggy eyes… check!
messy hair… check!
sweatpants… check!
dull skin… check!
I am so delicious! My hubby has been much more sick, though, so he hasn’t noticed and keeps up with the grab-assing. Which is nothing short of amazing because my favourite Roots sweatpants were loose twenty pounds ago and if I did not have the drawstring cranked from here to there and back, you could fit two of me in here. So I mean, kudos to him for finding something to grab.

I could fix myself up but I haven’t had to be presentable as of yet this week. Tomorrow I have to go out so I will be like a backwards werewolf. aWOOO! Suddenly presentable.

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