darling girl · Rain Gutter Bookshelves · toddler


I took a whole bunch of really cute pictures of Nicole a few days ago. Too many to throw at you all in one post, so I’m just sharing some of my favourites. This was the day that I also took a bunch of pictures of manicotti, but in total that day I took around 68 pictures!041043048069 070 077   There’s something fun coming up… I’m going to be hosting a giveaway! It doesn’t come from me, and you won’t have to deal with my inability to make it to a post office, haha. (It would be funnier if it wasn’t horribly true. This is why I don’t have an etsy store, I just do not have the ability to mail things out in a timely fashion, even if I want to. No drivers license. Send hate mail to my doctor. Kthx.)

In other news, at least once a week I get spam messages on this post about the Rain Gutter Bookshelves. I still haven’t added a captcha to the blog though, because it’s still pretty manageable, and mostly just on that particular post.  Although now that I wrote that maybe this post will wind up with them too, if they’re just targeting the keywords Rain Gutter Bookshelves. O: I bet eventually I will have to cave and add a captcha, but for now it’s quicker for me to delete the spam than it would be for you guys to have to ‘enter the words in the box!’

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