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On days when I have more than one small child at a time I like to set them up with a craft or activity, as long as everyone is getting along. (and oh, they don’t always. There are some kids that are just lethal combos, or for example Nicole has one friend that gets along with her just splendidly, as long as it is just him and her. If there are other kids around, he and she are cats and dogs.)027This particular little boy here never seems to have a problem with anybody, he’s just a chill little dude. So we did some beading! I bought this kit at Walnart (as my cellphone’s autocomplete likes to write) while I was in Grand Forks. I honestly couldn’t tell you if my local Walnart has it or not, I have never noticed it before, but that could just be me. Regardless, it’s a little kit that looks like a clear take-out box full of foam shapes, and it has a little plastic needle and a bunch of clear elastic thread.028The needle even has a ball on it’s little plastic tip, so, super safe. But, problem, one needle, two kids. Solution? Bobby pin! Worked just fine, because I was doubling up the thread anyways with a knot on one end and the needle on the other, so the thread couldn’t be accidently yanked out of the needle.035Both little crafters proudly (and quickly!) threaded up their necklaces. Little Boy L was very impressed with himself and wore it around for a while, then put it in his backpack so he wouldn’t lose it. Nicole, however, makes everything ‘for Grandma.’ Except the stuff she makes for Auntie ‘A-manna.’

This activity was great because it bought me a good half hour to do a crossword puzzle in the newspaper develops dexterity and they play around with sorting and recognizing colors and shapes! And then my ridiculously amazing child cleaned up all the foam shapes after they were done because she likes to clean up her activities before moving on to the next one. Not every time, but more than half! She won’t think to pick up a few dolls on the floor, and if a mess is too big and intimidating she ignores it or asks for help. But most things she tidies up after herself! *dreamy sigh*

Sorry, this kid is mine, get your own.

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