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The Finer Things In Life

When you say it like that, it sounds so nice. In reality, though, I’m talking about something slightly less pleasant – Nicole’s hair. Not that it’s not nice hair. It doesn’t bully other hair, or talk out of turn, or even give sass.  It does, however, fluff up with static like you wouldn’t believe. It also releases the most determined of curls within the hour. The other day I did a pretty half-pony and curled the rest of her head oh-so-nicely. So, an hour later when we went out, she had strange, dishevelled hair that barely hinted of curl. (see previous post to see the strange fluff that her curls ended up as… LOL)024 Lately I’ve been finding myself inspired by A Princess And Her Hair and Babes In Hairland … but then when it comes to actually doing the hairstyles, while Nicole does have some decent length, there is no real bulk to her hair. If I do two buns they are literally smaller than your average walnut, despite having hair that brushes her shoulder. This twisted ‘braid’ headband, however, worked out just perfectly!036It was a little tricky to do because I was working with tiny little chunks of hair, but for whatever reason she sat quite agreeably while I twisted from one ear across to the other and then down under the bulk of her hair (using the term bulk very loosely, here) to be secured with a little pony. 043The headband stayed in until around suppertime, and would have stayed longer except she kept showing people, and whenever she did she of course had to grab at it. It held her hair out of her face as well as an actual headband would have, too. (Well, better, because a headband would have been pulled out or fallen out pretty much immediatly) It probably took about five minutes tops to do the actual twist band after I’d combed out and parted her hair.

So, I totally recommend this for a quick and cute little ‘do if you have a fine-haired missy like mine! if your little bitty doesn’t have bangs you of course just do it in the front of the hair. I’m sure those sites probably explain somewhere how to do this twist, it’s very basic, but if anyone wants a quick little how-to video I’d be happy to oblige. This also works great for adults… if I feel annoyed with my bangs I do this twist ‘braid’ using my bangs and a bit of hair. Here, I’ll show instead of tell:

P1070652 Okay, I lied, I don’t have a picture of what I’m talking about, but this is close. This is an actual french braid, turning into a braid. If I am twisting, once I get past my forehead I do an X with bobby pins and then let my hair fall over it.

(If you know how to french braid, you can twist. It’s basically using 2 strands of hair instead of three, and only grabbing hair from one side. So you grab hair from the front to add to strand 1, twist around strand 2, grab hair from the front to add to strand 2, twist around strand one, cont’d. Make sense?) 

If you’re interested in more tips on dealing with fine hair, let me know. Nicole got it from me, I’ve been dealing with it all my life, and I’ve gotten to a point where I’m dealing with static less than most of my friends right now. My hair is disgustingly healthy, too.

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