sweet · toddler · two year old

Its what’s INSIDE

We received a package for Nicole yesterday. When it comes to packages from Baby Half Off, I like to let her open them herself. (Well, mostly. I cut them open and let her have at.) As you can see, she is quite delighted when she does!001These are cute little dolls called Sprites. They look sortof like the Ty beanie dolls, I guess. Nicole loves them! I had a few women over last night, and since Nicole crashed out at 4:30 for a two-hour nap she was up all night. She spent a good chunk of time plunked beside her Auntie ‘A-man-na’ playing with these dollies.  002Today she’s got a friend over and aside from tearing around the livingroom when I’m trying to take a picture of it, scattering notebooks and crayons on the coffee table, and placing a Random Small Chair in the livingroom, if you look on the sofa you can see the little dolls again; they’ve been played with a lot again this morning. I find it’s the little bitty stuffies that Nicole is really into taking around with her lately, giving them grand adventures and gibberish-stories. 020 I went out for New Years but Chris opted to stay home with Nicole. (Possibly for the best, considering after a drink or two I fancy myself quite the singer/dancer, a regular pop sensation, and there was karaoke involved. Suffice it to say it’s maybe for the best the only person I could embarrass was my own good self.) When I got home I found him 90% done tearing up the carpet! Guess he figured my secret plan to tear it up myself as soon as he went back to work and decided better get’er done. Something stupid, though… if you look, you’ll notice in the front of the picture darker floor, and then lighter. Well, that’s no optical illusion… they decided to put down a huge rug of some sort in the livingroom right away, I guess, and instead of varnishing (or whatever) the whole floor they stopped at the rug! There’s a jagged line and everything. ASK ME HOW MUCH I LOVE THE PREVIOUS/ONLY OWNERS??? Not lots, let me tell you. Quite the opposite. Did I ever tell you the soap dish story? Another post, perhaps. This one is quite long. Regardless of the ridiculousness, this floor still looks better than our dingy, stained carpet, and in summertime chris is going to sand it all down, stain it, and seal it. After taking the wood from the bedrooms and putting it in the kitchen so we have all one type of floor in our open-concept home!

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