Back from our trip!


I didn’t actually wind up taking a lot of pictures while I was gone, it was kind of a hotel + shopping trip. Above you can see me and my hubby zooming around in a waterslide. We stayed at Canad Inns Grand Forks and let me tell you, the waterpark is pretty cool!  They have a really, really nice indoor splashpark for the kids. I think Nicole would have been impressed even without it though, she kept thanking everyone for everything the whole time. The first time we went in the elevator just the two of us when we got out she went, “Thank you mommy, that was fun!” lol. My parents stayed in a suite with my brothers and sisters and nicole wound up staying with them because they had an extra bunkbed and our room just had the bed, so then she got a bed to herself. The first time we went out of my parents room, which was a lot like a house to her I guess, she was like, “WOW!” when we stepped back out into a hallway. LOL. She had a blast.

So did I! Do you know, I’ve never been to a Target before! I dropped like $120 there quite cheerfully. I was so ripped that there were no shoes in Nicole’s size! I consoled myself by buying her a pair of pink cowgirl boots in a size bigger for next year. And okay, an outfit for her too. Y’all have no idea, your clothes are super cheap! haha. Seven dollars for a super cute shirt? Man, that’s what I call sale prices, up here. Also, I don’t know what people are talking about with Americans being rude, I found everyone to be very polite, holding doors open for me as I barrelled around with my shivering toddler. COLD OUTSIDE! And the cashiers, and waitresses, and just everyone. I had tons of fun! I will have to go down there more often. Chris is already talking about going back in a month to buy tons of drywall. haha.

The funniest thing that happened (to me I mean, not counting Nicole’s antics) would be that when I ordered a drink at Red Lobster I got ID’d for like the third time in my life ever (the limit here is 18, and at 18 I looked the same as I do now) and then the waitress at first was like, “This doesn’t really look like you…” ack! But they make us take our glasses off to get our ID picture taken, and mine are thick and black and quite a difference there I guess. So I took of my glasses and pulled my hair back and put on a deadpan face to look more like my license photo, and she was like, “Okay, yeah, that’s you.” And I chuckled and explained that I went into labour four hours after my ID photo was taken. And then when I went to the duty-free store to buy a bottle of hard liquor I didn’t get ID’d so my life was back to normal haha. Then again I did have a two year old on my hip who was quite irritable so I was probably featuring a few stressy forehead-creases which I imagine ages you a few years right there. 😉

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