My Darling Readers

So, I was just peeking at Google Analytics and I noticed that whereas previously my readers were mainly citizens of the US of A, lately Canada is only a mere few readers behind the readers from the south. I get so curious about you guys sometimes! So, I’d love it if you’d tell me a little bit about yourselves. Who are you guys? Are you married? Do you have kids? What interests you? What are your favourite hobbies? Whats your pet peeve?

Tell me a little bit about yourselves!

doing very busy things. by which i mean, NOT TOUCHING. lol.

Nicole would like to know too! She’s pretty sure y’all are just here to coo over her. I took the most ridiculous video of her tonight. She was crazy drunk on hot chocolate, I dunno. She was in bed not sleeping and when I stood in the doorway to tell her to go to sleep she started laughing this crazy little laugh that was half the time fake and half the time real. Her uncle Stephen brought her some hot chocolate from Tim Hortons (either that or Chris did and Stephen was just holding it? I never checked) and for some reason I did not think hot chocolate at 8pm would be a bad choice.

Here is a little pearl of wisdom for you:

Hot chocolate at 8pm is a bad choice.

Anyways, enough about us. Speak! or… type. Whatever. I’m going to bed. Also, you like how I snuck a picture of my shiny new laptop in there without being overly obnoxious about it? How obnoxious. Also, in the background we have a nice cameo from my portable dishwasher, which despite being a PAIN to haul out to do the dishes, is still preferable to handwashing. Pishposh, kids, handwashing dishes is right up there with folding laundry. BOOOOOO. Also note my wierd lower cabinets. WHY DO WE NEED DRAWERS? LETS SKIP THAT, AND PUT A LARGE OPEN SPACE IN THE BOTTOM INSTEAD. BUT WE WILL MAKE SURE TO BLOCK IT OFF JUST OUT OF VIEW SO IT CANT ACTUALLY BE USEFUL. Man, if I ever meet the man who designed my kitchen, I will punch him in the mouth.

(unless he’s one of my readers. I would never punch any of you in the mouth. Unless you broke my dishwasher.)

One thought on “My Darling Readers

  1. Cute Post!
    I'll go first…
    ~I am Laurie Anne of Rebel Blossom.
    ~I live in Toronto Ontario Canada
    ~been married to my highschool sweetheart for almost 14 years.
    ~Have two awesome kids boy 13 1/2
    girl almost 10.
    ~I retired at the age of 39 because I can. 🙂
    ~I am a craft lover: master of none.
    ~One of my most current pet peeves are people who copy my project or idea and don't credit me for it and pretend it was their idea 😦
    ~I am 40 years young and have never had a drivers license.
    ~I LOVE to travel and long to see the world.
    Well that's enough about me…for now. If there's anything else you'd like to ask…just email me!

    Merry Chirstmas to you and your sweet little family from Our Home to Yours xoxo


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