Magnet Paperdolls & Christmas Toes!

Okay, it’s no secret that I frequent One Pretty Thing. Every day, at LEAST once a day. Well, I found this paperdoll through one of thier Printables Roundups and I thought it was just the cutest ever. I never would have found it otherwise, because the website it’s from is in a language I won’t even pretend to pretend to understand. It was too cute to resist, but then when I started cutting it out I reconsidered the idea, considering Nicole is two, I wasn’t sure her dexterity would be quite up to paperdolls. Not to mention being gentle – even though I used cardstock, I was certain they would get ripped. So I decided to cut off the tabs and put it all on sticky magnet sheets. Nicole loves it! And today she has two little boys over to play with and they’ve both taken a turn. Which gets me to thinking… perhaps after the holiday busyness fades, I will have to make a boy paperdoll so this could be done for boys as well. I mean, boys can dress girls. But I know a few daddies with all boys who would be against having this on thier fridge.

I ordered some Piggy Paint from the website Baby Half Off, the Christmas set. It was going to be a Christmas gift or stocking stuffer, but Nicole was so excited when I got the package and said, “Oh, this one is for you!” that we just had to open it. Then she wanted green toes! Ew, I thought to myself. So I convinced her that she wanted Christmas toes instead – much cuter! (Puh-lease, like the rest of you don’t convince your kids that they want certain things. ha.)

And lastly, Nicole felt like modelling. Some really bad/funny shots (she thinks models stick thier tummies out from here to kingdom come) but this one just gave me the giggles. This was all her, no lie. No directions from me at all. Too funny, this kid.

edit: oh yeah, and my trip to the USA has been un-cancelled. But hopefully we shall still get to doing some reno-type stuffs!

3 thoughts on “Magnet Paperdolls & Christmas Toes!

  1. hi, i was just looking to see your hair clips that you mentioned on prudent baby and i had to say how fraking adorable your little girl is! with her toes all painted!


  2. Genial fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.


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