I’m baaaaack!

Here I am!I’ve been doing things in the last few weeks. I sewed up this dress… excuse my strange face, I thought for sure my husband was taking pictures of my bosums, he tends to do that to be a dork when he’s supposed to help me take pics. lol.
Here’s some cute little snowmen cupcakes I made for a Christmas Bible Study meeting! These were for toddlers. I don’t know how much they cared that I spent about two hours on these suckers. But it was fun.

To make these, pipe three white blobs with a big round tip, then use a tiny tip to pipe little tiny blobs for the eyes and buttons. For the nose, squeeze and then let off the pressure WHILE pulling away the tip instead of before like you would for the circles. The scarves are colorful twizzlers, snipped up.

and to end it off, the hardwood hiding under my carpet! It’s like our house got us a Christmas present! THANKS, HOUSE! I LOVE IT!

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