Temporarily Out Of Service

Hi guys, sorry I haven’t blogged in a bit. We upgraded to Windows 7 and the PC is now my hubby’s only. Which isn’t to say I can’t use it, but he’s using it for games and stuff and I’m not to overload it with stuff. Which, considering it turned out I had over 10 GB in photos alone… eep!
Meanwhile, I’m waiting for my Christmas present to arrive in the mail. I get a laptop for Christmas! My hubby has wanted me to have one for a while now b/c it drives him crazy that he drives me crazy when he changes settings or inevitably clicks the button that says something like, “Would you like to download six thousand viruses for free?” ‘OKAY!’ Because he is Just. That. Amazing. as far as computers are concerned.

I lie to you not, he once caused our computer to spontaniously restart and then become posessed by a french couple screaming at each other. No programs open.
Chris is the stuff of legends.

Anyways, my laptop is scheduled to arrive on the 15th and it looks like it actually might (when I have things being shipped to me, I quite literally stalk them if I have a tracking number made available to me. FedEx is my favourite because they’re quite detailed. If you feel like mailing me something trivial via FedEx I strongly encourage it because it keeps me rather busy.)
When it arrives, I shall return to the blogosphere! And since my trip to the US of A has been cancelled (boo) Chris and I will be doing some decorating and renovating the week after Christmas! Look forwards to seeing my living room revamp, and also Nicole’s room (including the pink chandelier!) will get done!

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