Let’s be Prudent, here, ladies…

Okay, so I got a little (little. like I get ‘a little’ anything) excited/inspired by Prudent Baby’s DIY Sweet & Easy Hair Clippies. I could tell from her thumbnail that I would love them and that I could easily do them, and I’m sooo glad I decided to click on her tutorial instead of just winging it because her tips on how to cut the flowers nicely (slits in circles and then rounding them out) made my life WAAAAY easier. No, MY WHOLE LIFE. For serious. You can tell there is an extreme lack of drama going on in my life lately, eh? ha.

I feel super special cos I gave her a little tip of my own for making the ribbon clips grippy without inducing static. I feel clever as a squirrel in a nut factory.

While I was having fun I decided to make a giant button into a bobby pin button. Very cute, blue isn’t my color though, so not for me!

Another batch… the top one is for my niece, to go with a shirt her mom appliqued for her with this selfsame apple fabric (sooooo cute.) and the others are just more fun.
modelled by Nicole… I’m not sure how this happened, I think I promised her candy for this blurry shot. Note the buttons in the background, she was sorting them ‘for me’ while I played with these.
And the same one modelled much nicelier by me. Yes, I said nicelier. This is my favourite out of the whole batch, and I am not entirely certain what is up with that because I’m not always a fan of the red/pink combo. I DO NOT KNOW WHY. My brain thinks they don’t match. Even though they’re technically ‘red’ and ‘light red’ but whatever, brain. What. Ever.
Very cute, thanks, Jacinda, for a great tutorial, and sorry if I seem kinda stalkery when I read every single one of your backposts because that’s what I do when I decide somebody is awesome. And, hello, our kids are the same age, so clearly we should be internet friends. If by internet friends you mean, stalkstalkstalk.
PS, how awesome is my natural hair color? I have decided photos tell the truth and my bathroom mirror lies. How mad do you think my husband would be if I decided to hack a ‘skylight’ into our sad little windowless bathroom? He will probably look the other way if I tell him it’s the one thing standing between me and chopping off my hair or dying it. He will do anything to prevent either of those things these days. Guess who bought me a fancy-shmancy pricey-shmicey hair straightener? Scrooge, that’s who. And he was even courteous enough to refrain from pointing out I have God-given bone-straight hair. ITS NOT THE SAME. Plus my bangs are ca-razy.
SPEAKING OF MY HUSBAND, SCROOGE. I mean, Chris. Guess who totally hijacked me from grocery shopping yesterday and took me out for dinner instead? Guess who was TOTALLY CONFUSED when her husband pulled into a nice restaurant parkinglot instead of the grocery store around the bend?? GUESS WHO WAS TOTALLY TOTALLY GLAD SHE CHANGED OUT OF HER DIRTY MOMMYSHIRT BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE?! How sweet and I love that man for surprising me with that but that story might have ended a little differently if I was dressed in sweats. LOL. Fortunately I was dressed half-decently and how very, very sweet of him! (in case you didn’t know, last time he took me out for dinner was October. October 2008.)

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