That Girl…

A few days ago, I was living on the bathroom floor, doing everything to keep my daughter on the toilet. She has been ready (physically) for potty training for a long time. She only ‘goes’ a few times a day… she can hold it for hours if she wants to (which she proved time and again during previous potty-training attempts by holding it in until exactly when my back was turned and she was off the potty)

It took large doses of patience and lots of conversations about everyone who goes pee on the potty. Mommy goes pee on the potty. Papa does, too. So does Grandma, and Grandpa, and her aunties and uncles. So does x and x and x, many of her little friends.
A few days ago, she peed on the toilet for the first time. I nearly passed out. She got rewards, praises, song and dance, lets phone Papa at work and tell him. The whole kit and kaboodle.
She still didn’t really WANT to be potty trained. Very inconvenient, you know. Diapers are much simpler. However, I stuck to it and didn’t give up, even when I wanted to flush MYSELF down the toilet, and/or just diaper her forever. I told her firmly and simply, no more diapers. Pee all over yourself if you must, but diapers are for bedtime.
Yesterday I had to run errands, so I shall confess, I gave up for the day and used pull-ups. She used nothing but pull-ups all day, but I noticed when she peed, she would get an alarmed face and do the pee-dance-pose. Didn’t want to potty, though.
Today, however. Today. Today I let her run around in a shirt and that’s it, with the potty in the livingroom. And you know what? You know what this kid did? The same thing she always does, the monkey. We can’t teach her a darned thing, she’s the smartest little widget, but she has to do it HERSELF. So. Let her run around half-nekkid, and she potty trained herself.
Not a single accident. Not a one. She’s peed on the toilet less times than I can count on one hand before today. But today, perfection. Sometimes we were in the room. Sometimes we were not. One time she didn’t remember where the potty was and ran to me in alarm to ask. But every time, she ran to the potty, did her thing, then hollered for the attention that such a magnificent act deserves. (Including the need to phone Papa at work to inform him every time, and receive her due praise from him as well.)
That girl. She bowls me over, every time.
No doubt we will have troubles and we will fall back yet. But for today, a perfect score. (Aside from pooping, which is another creature all together, and will be dealt with in the future. However, no magical mid-air yoga poopies, today.)

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