And How Was Your Day?

Why yes, that is a poopie. Why, no, I haven’t the foggiest idea was sort of magical yoga-move-bowel-movement was involved. All I know is when I walked into the room she was standing on the little pink chair you can see there, so this was a magical mid-air yoga-poopie.

Magical-mid-air-yoga-poopie. Not a phrase I ever thought I’d use.
This was the highlight of a long day of bathing in pee and frustration and faux-cheerfulness. But, a victory… she took a big pee on the toilet! THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. This is the first time in all the times I’ve tried the potty training thing that she’s actually gone pee on the toilet. We struggled with the hours of Amazing-Bladder-Control, Please-Use-It-For-Good-And-Not-Evil; that was expected. But finally, after a firm talking-to where I told her NO more diapers, we are wearing panties now and NOT diapers, WE GO PEE ON THE TOILET. Next time I spotted her doing the pee-dance, she actually peed on the toilet instead of holding it until I gave up and then peeing on the floor! VICTORY DANCE!
And then after that she peed in my cutting mat and pooped the magical mid-air-yoga-poopie. But still. PROGRESS!
I know I swore I wouldn’t touch pullups but a friend gave me a big bag full from her son, and they have the images that dissapear when the kid pees, so then since I was out of panties anyways, I decided to chat her up about these ‘panties’ and how the picture would go away if she peed. Then I showed her the one she had peed in (I ran out to get rewards, so on went the pullups while the friend watched her) to show her that the picture was gone. She seems very concerned about the picture going away and she kept checking to make sure it was still there (and then fell asleep on my lap so we’ll see what tomorrow holds) so we’ll see how that goes.
POTTY TRAINING IS NOT MY FAVOURITE. Like, for serious, when this is a distant memory I will go back to wishing/hoping/praying that Chris and I can have more kids. But as long as I’m actively potty training? I’m considering getting myself spayed. JUST IN CASE. Because HOLY MONKEY BARS, BATMAN. I DO NOT LIKE.
This is why I don’t have pets. I don’t DO housetraining.

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