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First this happened.
(please excuse. The UPS guy came to the door at the tail end of a hearty workout on the elliptical)

Then… THIS happened.
(She’s bawling because I came in, gasped, and thundered, “BAD GIRL!” and she knew, SHE KNEW, that she was being bad. Hence, emotional breakdown.)

She actually soaked right through those jeans with the nailpolish. She didn’t even get anything but that first holler and then a gruff mommy for the next hour. I think the immediate high caused by that much nailpolish may have mellowed me out. This happened in the ten minutes between one check-in and the next. She was theoretically watching a movie.
Don’t let this little monkey face fool you. She’s a naughty, naughty monkey indeed some days. Today also included snapping a dowel on her toy storage system (WHICH IS NOT, LITTLE MONKEY, A JUNGLE GYM.) For that one she started to bawl the minute it snapped because she knew, she KNEW, that she was in trouble for that. She had been warned. She also did some dish-smashing, but no breaking. I am not entirely sure how she managed to go this whole day with nary a punishment (aside from a hearty scrubbing)… no spanking, nor timeout, nor anything of the sort. Just a good long talk about how she was good today and she was bad today and it kind of evened out but mommy likes it better when there’s more good than bad. She seemed pretty reformed by bedtime, completely in agreement with me. She’s going to be only good from here on in.
Like I’d take a two-year-old monkey at her word.

One thought on “Today

  1. My daughter just had a nail polish disaster and I was right there and had just warned her and her friend to maybe go paint nails elsewhere…not in our friends dining room! Well sure enough they were shaking the bottle a little too aggressively and the bottle flew and smashed against the window…deep blood red nail colour everywhere…on the windows, carpet, dining room table…Ugghhh!! I was so upset…mostly because it wasn't my house she ruined but my polish she ruined it with 😦

    Love your new serger!! I would love to have one someday …x


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