Just to Let Us Know

Okay, I swear the chain was not there when I took this picture. One of those. lol. Anyways, this wreath sits on my door to remind us that it is fall as we close the door.
And then we turn around after locking up and grimly survey this – snow has covered the ground before we’ve even had a chance to winterize! The trees are still green, you might notice.

And then we walk past this, which two days ago was a garden overflowing with Black-Eyed-Susan cheerfully winking up at us as we go by, and the giant hosta which has been less cheerful ever since that ridiculous hailstorm that shot it all up early this summer. Most of my plants are starting to die after 24 hours of this, but the marigolds in the backyard are proving to be pretty hardcore. You can practically hear them cussing as you walk by.

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