October 4, 1986

That would be the day that I was born. As my dad is fond of saying, I was early for the first and last time in my life. Which is so totally not true because I’m actually that girl who is early for everything, or at least the only one who is ever on time. However, as that was NOT the case when I was living under his roof, my dad is excused πŸ˜‰

In honour of my birthday I have decided to shower you in horrible pictures from my old photobucket account. Prepare to be deluged with myspace-style picture-taking. And heaven forbid I not pout or attempt to look sexy. Also, webcam – yum! Here is my life in photos, from approximatly 17 to 20 years of age. After which I started this blog?! Actually I started this blog a bit before the last few pictures, because I remember my first few posts were about being overdue. Oh, how the time has passed! It’s been two and a half years already! I don’t even know what my blogiversary is. Whoever tells me the answer to that bit of trivia first, I will do them up a free sillouette in Adobe Illustrator. Because I actually have mad skillz with that, kids. Happy birthday to me, happy present to you, and enjoy cringing over my awkward late teens! (I think I actually look much younger now than then. Something about toning down on the eyeliner maybe?! LOL)
aww my grad pic. 17 yrs old!
wow, what a little ho I was. Who thought she was cool? Lor did! Lor did!
I used to be into the anime and stuff and boy did I drive the fanboys crazy in this shirt. PS, I would cut my hair like that again in a heartbeat if it meant I could have those perky boobs back. Thanks, childbirth! Thanks!
Don’t be fooled, I took this picture myself with a timer.
hahahahahhaha This is right before I got married and my dad managed to catch a classic moment here while we were scoping out good places to take pictures. I should probably tell you that Chris pushed me into the evergreen behind us right before I did this.
Aww look at us.
us big
Child bride! Child bride! I was nineteen here. Here’s my wedding…
My honeymoon… my darling husband did not have the foresight to take a good camera with us to this hotel. It was fedabulous. You can’t tell, but I’m sitting on the edge of a hot tub that was filled via a waterfall. For real, two nights in this place was more $$ than my dress.

Look at me all pregnant and cute

And two pictures from our professional photoshoot when Nicole was one month old.

I feel like I have really grown into myself in the last year, and I feel so exceptionally blessed for that. I feel really comfortable with who I am, what I look like, and the things that are and are not in my control. That makes me an incredibly blessed person, for 23 years old. People have always thought I was really comfortable in my own skin because I have always given off the confident vibe, but I really do feel it inside and out these days. I’ve gone through some difficult things in the past few years but with the help of the Lord I have truly grown as a person, and I feel so excited and enthusiastic about life. πŸ™‚ I thank the Lord for blessing me in another year and I am just dripping with anticipation over what the next few will hold!

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