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Mini Mudroom

Because surely you aren’t sick of me posting yet today. šŸ˜‰

I think everyone needs a place to hang their hat, so to speak. My house has an unfortunate layout; a mudroom is just plain impossible. We can keep a few pairs of shoes in the back entrance, but that’s it, or it becomes impossible to get into the rest of the house through the narrow little ‘hallway.’ In the front, there’s a decently-sized square and a closet, divided up visually from the livingroom by one of those old eighties-style glass walls. (hopefully in the next week this will be replaced by a skinny drywalled wall with peekaboo holes for knickknacks)
While Chris and I can make do, I didn’t like the fact that there wasn’t really anywhere for Nicole to put her own stuff. Obviously she can’t reach the hangers to hang up her coats. Well, today my SIL gave me this cute little hook rack (those are mini chalkboards! I might just write ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ on them.) because her schoolaged kids needed something more durable that would hold backpacks, and one of the hangers had snapped. It just so happened that it was one space too wide for the space I wanted it for – inside the front closet – so I just switched the broken hook with the ok one on the end and sawed off a space.

Then I put it up on the wall using 3M decoration thingies – we’re going to be painting the inside of this closet soon so I didn’t want to screw and unscrew it. I finished right as naptime ended and Nicole was so excited that she gathered up enough sweaters to fill all the hooks. Now she can put her jacket away herself with pride! And I have a little bucket in there as well for all her shoes and boots. If I want, I can just close the sliding door and the mini mudroom disappears from sight. (But why would I want to?! It’s so CUTE!)
This might be a very temporary little layout because I have plans on converting this closet into a bigger mini-mudroom of sorts for all of us, and I will definitely share if and when that project gets done. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who only has a sliding door closet to store all thier coats and shoes.

To conclude my third post of the day and prove that I should probably get out more, here’s my special little touch for the evening. Climb, little pony! Climb!

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