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Craft Geek Birthday Party

Actually I called it an unbirthday party because my birthday is sunday and I didn’t want people to think they had to bring gifts.

So, how does a craft geek celebrate her birthday? She invites all the friends who think her crafting is spectacular and hard to come over and do it themselves and then realize she’s not as special as they thought. I may not have thought that one through all the way, in hindsight 😉
Sweet Thing apron

The Setup:
-I told my friends to bring something to embellish, like a plain tshirt that fits, or a tote bag, or whatever. We had babyclothes, tshirts, a polo shirt for a boyfriend, and an apron.
-I made (fresh warm) brownies with ‘the works’ (whipped cream and caramel) and then told them if they wanted to bring a favourite snack to go ahead.
-I pulled out my heat-n-bond, fabric scraps, fabric paints, fabric adhesives (i picked up an extra pack of paints, a tshirt for me, a pack of adhesives, and then eggs and coffee filters at walmart for $25), laces, buttons, trims, etc etc etc. I also had my Close To My Heart and other clear stamps out. I’m not sure how they’ll work next time I try to scrap with them but totally worth it if they don’t work super well for that anymore, this was fun and I plan to do more of it.
pictures don’t do this shirt justice, I have to see if my SIL will give me a modelled pic of her daughter in it. Tres cute.
– I set up two tables with chairs and covered them with supplies, then fed my friends brownies while I explained (using a tshirt I was wearing from Garage Clothing that had a few examples of applique, screen printing, and stamping on it) some basics and that I’d be willing to help if anyone needed more explanations. Then I let them at it! Most of my friends are creative in one way or another, a lot of scrapbookers, or people who are amazing at interior design, or people with a flair for fashion. Or even just a sense of humour!
The lettering is “Shane Was Here” (Shane is her husband, if you were wondering)
I didn’t take nearly enough pictures. That’s my biggest regret for the evening. And the few I did take don’t even come close to showcasing the laughter, the noise, the fun, and the beautiful (and hilarious) projects that were done last night.
LMDO = Laughing My Diaper Off

One thought on “Craft Geek Birthday Party

  1. I love birthdays oh so very much….that being said, every year since I was 13, I've had a party on my birthday which last the whole week of my birthday because I could never get anyone organized for my actual birthday or it fell on a school day or something. It makes my birthday week pretty awesome.


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