cinnamon buns · coffee

No coffee, just Cheese Whiz.

It’s Saturday morning, and I am menu planning THREE DAYS LATE. This has been a HECTIC week, even though I didn’t necessarily get a lot done. Just very 24/7. My house looks pretty faboo, though… thanks, flylady! Anyways, I am menu planning while I get to drink this low-grade horrible awful nasty instant coffee. So I think I am writing coffee on the list like seven times. At least. How is it that I NEVER run out of cheese whiz, (nicole wants cheese whiz. She may say she wants jam, but if you give her jam she will say, “No jam! Want CHEESE!” Cheese Whiz is a staple in my house.) but when it comes to coffee this happens on the regular???!

Speaking of cheese whiz, it’s on sale at safeway! O: I like the big jars, I wash them afterwards and store dry goods in them. I do plan on covering all the lids and making them cute at some point, no worries.
PS, I appear to have conquered my personal demons, aka either under or over-cooking cinnamon buns Every Single Time, Even From A Can. Contrary to what this picture might lead you to believe, it’s actually not my fault these lasted less than 12 hours. Blame Chris for that.

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