Thankful Thursday – thanks for the mess! and the buttsmacking. No, seriously.

Okay, so we just had the worst rough patch of all times with this little girl. Like, I was worried to death about her. She had a high grade fever and slept like crazy and barely ate for three days. By the third day she was getting leg cramps and was weak and could hardly get out of bed. I had to help her to start, and once she warmed up a bit, I guess, she was fine and could walk and run. But at first she would be all stiff and ‘ow ow ow’ and it broke my heart. Words cannot express.

My house, meanwhile, looked like a showhome. Until yesterday at about four oclock when she made a huge gigantic mess and I have never in my life been more grateful for a messy house than I was last night.
She’s still a little emotionally fragile, tuckered out and all that. But she’s finding her spunk back today! I was working out with a girlfriend of mine and among other things we were doing a Carmen Electra workout, which doesn’t involve any stripping but does involve wiggling hips and some buttsmacking.
After supper I was chatting with Chris when Nicole started to wiggle her bum and kick her legs around. I started giggling and asked, “…is she dancing?” (not an abnormal thing for her to do, although the leg kicks were new.
Suddenly, she wiggled her bum again and then SMACKED IT. LIKE SIX TIMES. I almost died laughing. I had no idea she was paying attention to us but APPARENTLY. Goes to show you. NOTHING slips past your toddler. lol. I thought it was absolutely hilarious, but I don’t think I will do that particular workout routine (very fun, by the way!) in front of her any time soon.
(PS, if you look at what she’s touching in that picture, it becomes a sneak peak of an upcoming project! ohoho. Plus I sewed that shirt of hers out of one of daddy’s old shirts and isn’t he just tickled pink. Inspired by a $$ Crewcuts shirt from thier fall lineup, sleeve length and all.)
So how totally teenagerish do I look in this picture? I’ve always been guessed at older than my age. When I was in junior high I got asked if I was in college or university. By my hairdresser. I was like, “…. grade seven?” But I’ve always been a bigger girl, that does not help. Right now I’m down to a size L, and I can squeeze into a M but it is not pretty. I’m down 16 pounds which surprised me because I haven’t worked out in a week due to chris’ surgery and nicole being really sick. I thought I’d gain at least two pound back but I lost another one. Go figure!

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