She’s a Classy Broad

Doesn’t that phrase sound awfully contradictory? Men, I tell ya. Anyways. So yesterday I was knitting away. You know knitters, as soon as fall rolls in they get the itch. My remedy of choice is Indian Summer (look it up on ravelry. I’m lazy. I’ll link to it when I post the final product, promise.) Very appropriate, considering the fall is more summery than the summer was here this year. I’m using a yummy silk/bamboo combo I bought on sale in the spring @ michaels. My husband took a few pictures of me knitting. I almost lied there and said he decided to take a few pictures, but to be honest he was sitting in the office clicking away happily after I finally booted him away from his World’s Deadliest Catch marathon when I hollered, “Hey honey? When you come in here, you wanna take the camera? And take a few pictures of me knitting??” (because when I yell holler, I end everything with questionmarks to soften it up a bit.)

Now, being a man and a not-blogger, and possibly slightly more normal than me, he hollered back, “Why do you want me to take pictures of you knitting?!” “Well, because I’m never in any pictures. Duh.” That first one didn’t quite work out but it’s almost purdy.
This was my favourite out of the set. And I was playing with photoshop today and I was struck with the idea that after yesterday’s loverly post you might not think I’m classy. Everyone knows that the best way to make a picture classy is to make it black and white and leave the eyes colored, right???
Classy is my middle name. And my other middle name is What Is With My Nose Lately. I swear my nose was fine until I hit my twenties.

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