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Holy bouncing ta-tas, batman. I’m bored!

I think it’s been forever since I’ve said that.
I am….
-too tired to start sewing/crafting at 7:30 at night.
-unable to drink coffee and then do the above because I have a busy day tomorrow and should not be up all night
-out of blogs in my bloglines feed. All sixtymillion of you have nothing else to say today?! REALLY?!
-totally NOT INTERESTED in the World’s Deadliest Catch marathon my husband has going on in the livingroom.
-and it’s a bit too early for bed, it’s still light outside.
Normally I’d march right into that livingroom, which holds our only TV (and yes, I am momentarily regretting my one-TV stance) and excercise my womanly rights to watch My Pick at least half of the time. Especially when the man of the house has been gleefully watching crab fishermen since I got home from church NEARLY FOUR HOURS AGO. However, that man of the house had major surgery on Thursday. In his ear. Which, P.S., ends in you trying to get all the bloodstains out of the pillowcases and trying to figure out why the diddly doo dah day he needs to take turns bleeding on ALL THE PILLOWS. But he just had surgery so I’m allcapsing at you guys and ‘thats-all-right’ing at Chris.
What I wouldn’t give to have an elliptical in my basement right now. I could go for a good sweat. Instead of sitting here trying to entertain myself on the computer. BECAUSE I WORK OUT ON THE WII. ON OUR ONLY TV. WHICH IS FEATURING CRABS RIGHT NOW. FOR FOUR HOURS.
Plus I am about to float away because I keep craving chocolate with my pre-menstrual self so I keep drinking a glass of water instead of eating chocolate every time I wander into the kitchen.
me, last time I was bored, Jan 09. And me bored now. Because these moments are apparently worth capturing on film. Well, disk. PS. These are what I like to call my ‘Sexy Faces’. PPS recent pic = natural hair color
So, to recap. I talked about crabs, bleeding on pillows, and PMS. No wonder you all love me. And no wonder nobody blogs on Sunday.

One thought on “boredBOREDbOrEdbored BOOOORED

  1. So why aren't you on Twitter with the rest of us FlyingLushes tonight?? πŸ™‚

    Well, I may not be on…hearing that there's a Deadliest Catch Marathon, I may have to go check that out! πŸ™‚ Of course, have probably seen it al.

    Have missed talking to you! πŸ™‚

    Recent blog:=- Loving Life


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