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Two Chalkboards, A Refashion, And a Toddler Sleeping On a Ball

First of all, where do I sign up to get a blog award for best titles? Because I mean, I’m a shoe-in. Does anyone still say that? I get asked that all the time. Not where to sign up for blog awards, I mean – if anyone still says that. I have sixtybillion words and phrases and they all drive people crazy. It’s good being me.

Okay, so I would have had some sort of step-by-step dohickey for the smaller chalkboard. But somebody who I will not name because she is too young to be legally held responsible for her actions anyways put my memory card in a vent in my computer and I didn’t find it until just today. The same person who hid my cellphone for four days. Just sayin.

I had these two little coffeehouse-style plaques since forever, but my husband only liked the red one. So I taped off the border so we’d still have matchies, and then I gave it a good bath in chalkboard spraypaint. Now it’s the daily special board! Ha. I kill myself. THE DAILY SPECIAL IS WHATS ON YOUR PLATE. Or it’s a boot in the pants. Those are your choices. You’re welcome.

This is the artist formerly known as Mens Shirt. I need to add straps and some lining to it yet, because the fact that you can see my ENTIRE BRA (the fact that it’s really cute despite being a white bra totally withstanding) is not my cup of tea. (Now, if we skip the tea and head straight for the girly drinks… )

I would like to have it duly noted that the mirror was spotless until I took out the camera. RIGHT when I was pushing the button, and invisible gremlin smudged it. True story. Probably. The gremlin is also the one who decorated my bathroom, I think. Tres Ew. Good thing you can’t really see the bathroom.

We’ll finish off with a giggle. Is it not just amazing how kids can do this? She likes to roll around on a ball like it’s an excercise ball. Also, she’s been resisting bed and nap times lately. This was about two hours after she was supposed to go down for a nap and wouldn’t go to sleep. Bahahaha. Saving this one for the wedding slideshow someday. And to pull out when boyfriends come over.
I do what I can.

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