I have a confession to make. I don’t run the spellcheck very often.

I am very good at spelling, and I don’t make a lot of mistakes. Not noticeable ones, at least to me. So I don’t even think about it. It never crosses my mind! But, when I do stop to think about it, I feel a bit embarrassed. First of all, I know I do make some mistakes, and I make them very consistently. For some reason, for example, I cannot spell thier. Their. I’m not even sure! But a lot of people can, and I’m sure they tsk when they see my consistent misspelling. Other people reading my blog can surely see my mistakes much more clearly than I can.

There’s always more words that I thought I got right, but when I run the spellcheck there will be one or two that I’m surprised to realize are actually wrong when they’re checked over. I thought I was right, sometimes strongly enough to argue another person over the spelling, but when I run the spellcheck all my mistakes are laid bare.

Life is a lot like that. Often, I get so caught up in the right and the justice and the knowledge that I don’t make a lot of really terrible mistakes that I forget to give my actions a quick once-over and run them past the Lord. But no matter how well I think I’ve done, when I take a moment to run things past Him, things pop up with those squiggly little red lines under them. There are the little mistakes I make fairly regularly and I am totally aware of – losing patience with my husband or daughter, for example. But then there are always also those things I didn’t even think were mistakes. When I hold them up to His Word, and to His standard of love, many of my actions fall short. A friend once passed a quote on to me – If you had to run everything you did past God before you said or did it, would you even bother to bring some of the things you’re planning up at all?

This might seem like a discouraging post, but I say this all with a cheerful heart. I know that the Lord doesn’t demand perfection from us, He just demands we try. My salvation is not linked with my deeds, they are merely a byproduct of my thankfulness. If anything, the shorter I fall, the more amazed and full of joy I am that He could love and forgive one such as me!

So I will try to remind myself to run the spellcheck, as my mistakes are often more visible to others than they are to me. And I will try to remind myself to run my walk and talk before the Lord, as well. The mistakes are always there, even if I don’t see them myself at first glance. 😉

note : I ran the spellcheck today, and I found two mistakes other than my thier/their. LOL.

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